These are the
research projects aligned to Illustration:

The Ministry of Books

The Ministry of Books is a research initiative which aims to support, promote, encourage and strengthen the production of Artists' Books at the University of Portsmouth. It holds a visual archive of our collection and will grow through purchases, donations and staff and student production. This website will hold a virtual library where students and staff can access our collection on line and then view
and handle these for research and inspiration. This also supports an illustration unit called, Bookworks.

Maureen O'Neill


Zineopolis is a new area of research focussing on Zines. The aim was to set-up an online collection of zines and multiples aligned to the Illustration Course. The actual artifacts are now available for students to view in the illustration studios. We are focussing on visual and art-related zines at the moment - Art-Zines. This collection also supports an Illustration unit called, Zines and Multiples. It includes both staff and student work as well as donated zines and
ones purchased specially for the collection.

Jackie Batey

Print Corporation

The print corporation is a new research site currently in formation concerning print and limited editions. It aims to support all aspects of printmaking here at the University of Portsmouth. The online tutorials with cover a range of processes-from simple ‘how-to guides’ using basic equipment to specialist workshop techniques and activities. There is a planned visual archive to showcase: student work, staff research, visiting practitioners and artists-in-residence’s practice based prints. This resource will also support theillustration Number Through Print unit.

Ros Simms

Illustrated Menagerie

This project showcases the outcome of creative responses formed from in-depth investigation of an animal. The subject of the project is drawn from any one of the creatures classified as 'Animal' and classification fits within one of the categories; Mammal, Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Fish, Arthropod. The only other constraint being that the creature not be extinct. The illustration of the creature is developed through sytemmatic research and experimentation, with images produced developed out of a key focus discovered through that process. The project supports two level 1 illustration units - one in which students produce the work and the other in which they showcase it to the public as an exhibition and as a website/ online exhibition.

Nicola Hay


This project focusses on joint-projects between art students from different cultures. The most recent project was between students in Portsmouth and Kuala Lumpur on the theme of daily routines. It is part of the Images in Practice network that has produced experimental work which has extended the boundaries of image-centred communication, including aspects of communication design, illustration. This site is a main hub for research activities on the illustration course.

Jackie Batey: Maureen O'Neill: Nicola Hay: Ros Simms: Bob Wright
Visual Language of Number

This site is a member of Images in Practice. The theme is looking at how visually creative people respond to numbers, including maths, the sciences, literature, history and famous figures. It supports an illustration unit called, Number in Print, where students explore printmaking using number as a theme, although they are encouraged to select their own focus. Work form students, staff and professionals is included in this site.
It now also includes a new element, the illustrated periodic table.

Jackie Batey: Maureen O'Neill: Nicola Hay: Ros Simms