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I am an Illustrator and Artist, the medium I use is water colour paints and marker pen's, and I have recently invested in a Wacom digital Drawing

Tablet, and I am currently working more and more in that medium, but I'm not going to use it on it's own, to create pieces of work, but instead I'm going to use it to do more mixed media(scanning in illustrations and backgrounds and using the Wacom to colour it in and for editing.) I also take the odd photograph, mostly as reference for my Illustration's but also cos I enjoy capturing special moment's in my life to look back on.

I have found that the projects I have enjoyed working on the most, have been those of a social awareness nature e,g, Bullying, Recycling &

Depression. I enjoy these Illustrative projects the most because in researching for these kinds of projects I intern learn a great deal of amazing

and mind blowing things that inspires my work and gives it more substance and in turn I can use it to teach others and change the way they see the world around them.
I am in the process of applying to a Masters in Sequential Illustration at Brighton University, were I hope to expand on my learning. and have a

great time in doing so.