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As part of my undergraduate work I have explored the mediums of traditional and digital print, digital and wet-process photography, 3-D and

ceramics, as well as a myriad of fine art forms and those associated with fine art and graphic design. These media are never usually used exclusively, as I've found many to strongly compliment others, and the essence of what I'm trying to achieve can only be found through vigorous experimentation.
I believe that to be an imperative function of successful illustration. As a practitioner, you'll always sit among contemporaries and be exposed to

outside influences. I think its our job not to remain impervious to these things but use them to our advantage I believe that great work is informed critically and historically, especially in a field such as illustration which is currently experiencing quite a profound

change in definition- artists are now coaxed to become more flexible and enter the industry with a more diverse set of skills that has previously been accepted or required. In such a state of flux, I think its beneficial to be able to look back through your methodology and working out and be able to say 'yes, this is who I am and where I'm going'.