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My work this past year has been focused around my environmental project Synthetic Organic Landscapes, although professional projects, which include characters for a children’s book, have had varied themes. I have been looking at the way the environment gets treated and how it is

perceived and playing with what animals, dumped inanimate objects and landscapes could look like in the future after years of evolution.
My images have grown by finding everyday objects that are littered about and turning them into their evolved state and my aim has been to produce images that when first seen look like an average landscape or animal, but when focused on are made up of my evolved pieces. They represent a fantasy world of the future, which also deals subtly with the serious issue of being environmentally friendly.
I produce my images mainly by working with pen and ink, charcoal, lino and etchings, although I have used the past year to expand my knowledge of

techniques and have experimented with other mediums, in particular working in 3-D. This includes using my sewing machine to make cushions

and tunics, which I have then printed onto and learning how to manipulate metal to make brooches and a model of one of my evolved trees.
I’d like to pursue printing in the future and apply my designs and ideas to creating interiors, book illustrations or magazine layouts, as I feel my ideas could adapt easily within these areas.