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As an Illustrator, I enjoy working within a variety of artistic disciplines. As the design industry constantly pushes the boundaries of what is considered to be ‘Illustration’, I feel it is important to be multi-talented in order to keep up with the ever changing face of design. As a result I am able to work proficiently with traditional approaches such as sewing, model making, painting and drawing. I feel I excel when I combine these techniques with digital applications, in particular Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. I particularly enjoy character design and take inspiration from Japanese art and street culture, dreams, outer space and currently, the concept of free will. Inspirational artists include Tara Mcpherson, James Jean and Audrey Kawasaki. As a fellow daydreamer, I feel I can relate to the themes of philosophy and surrealism within their work. Their various disciplines have taught me consider elements within my work, such as the use of line and colour, in a far more sophisticated way. Since starting university I have realised that to significantly improve, it is important to constantly be creating and drawing inspiration from everything, all the time. No matter
how trivial it may seem!