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I take my inspiration from nature and the built environment to inform my practice and am passionate about travel, keeping journals and collecting ephemera. My self directed project was inspired by a trip to Venice and how the city impacted on all of my senses. As a result my work has become more textural and I am constantly exploring new ways of mark making, I find printmaking, particularly collagraphs to be the most sympathetic result. I also enjoy the diversity of typography and appreciate the beauty of letterform as an image in its own right.
It has taken me a long time to find my feet within illustration as I didn’t start to develop a style of my own until the third year, now however I find myself achieving things I would never have believed I was capable of and am constantly pushing my boundaries. The support of the tutors and the Centre for Enterprise for my professional practice have proved invaluable.As my project has evolved I have found myself looking at cities closer to home and have created collaged cityscapes as well as artist books.