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Illustration to me is a visual way of conveying information to an audience. I spent my time at university discovering a range of different methods to communicate visually. I produce images that are eye-catching, simple and have lots of energy. I create work in a traditional way using collage, screen-printing and drawing and also digitally. My final year project explored parallels between contact sports and music. I focused on similarities between boxing and dance such as their inherent rhythms and movements. This led me to analyse their sequential nature. I also considered aspects of their competition, judging and their relationship with an audience. During this project I tried to engage with as wide a range of media as possible including photography, web and poster design; broadening my skill set and building confidence in my creative abilities. I also completed a range of projects and commissions outside my coursework to gain experience as an artist and designer, from designing University radio and social club advertising campaign materials to creating a sport club website.  I look to forward to graduating and using my degree to find a career, in which I can continue to produce work, hone my skills and learn new things.