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I am a illustrator situated in the South of England, who has graduated with a BA in Illustration at the University of Portsmouth. Through my time there i have been able to adapt my skills and interest in design to become a more professional artists and illustrator. I work mainly with hand drawn imagery where nothing is copied on a light box or traced, what you see has come straight out of my hand through the pencil. I fill i am capable of using text in my work successfully and confidently i believe this has come from my experience with typography on a previous graphics course. Saying this i can too use a number of methods and materials to aid my designs and illustrations. To date i am familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Indesign with a keen interest in Illustrator, i use a varied amount of pens including a range

of paint pens and a variety of graded pencils to create my illustrations, i find when used together make an interesting contrast which can be seen in my works. My aim is to create visually stimulating pieces of work that let the viewers mind and imagination free.