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I am a Portsmouth based freelance illustrator and I am most passionate about digital painting with a view to creating unique and fantastical imagery showing an innate sense of colour and form. Painting is my drug and I draw upon my surroundings for inspiration. Having always been the creative type I first discovered digital media at the age of sixteen, although it was only at the age of twenty that I set out to become a professional digital painter, thus leading from hobby to a career choice.Currently I am most proficient with such programs as Photoshop and

Alchemy and I aim to expand my knowledge by including Painter and Illustrator to my repertoire of digital tools.
My works are influenced by artists such as Andy Jones, Daniel Conway and Peter Mohrbacher, to name but a few, and my interest lies within such themes as myths and fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction. I strive to perpetually better my technique and understanding of art and to never lose my addiction and appreciation for it.